Friday, March 13, 2009

Life Make-Over

Movies; indicative of all my bookcases

I've been thinking about my so called "life" for... well, most of my life. There are sooo many things that I want to change about myself, and yet, I never manage to be successful. Well, I've decided to blog about it. After all, people blog about everything else- why shouldn't I put disgusting pictures of my house on here for the entire world to see?! Disgusting, you say?

Kitchen; a dishwasher probably wouldn't make that much of a difference.

Yep. Well, it seems like I've got this thing going where I don't think my house should be clean when I'm the only one who sees it. It is as if I, myself, am undeserving of beauty, cleanliness... happiness... Have I been sabotaging myself my whole life? Looking at my weight problem, it would seem like I have. Looking around me, just on the outside- well, the inside of my house- I'm a mess. Check out my finances. A mess. Everything about me is just, plain and simple, a MESS.

My "dining" table; is it any wonder I eat in front of the TV?!

So I'm going to start fixing things. It is time for me to make some major changes, and I've decided that my faithful readers get to go along for the ride! (And hey girls, maybe others will join you, who knows?!)

My bedroom; since I don't have the kind of bed that doesn't need a dust ruffle, I should probably find mine... and use it!

What I'm doing first is my house. I've taken pictures of every area inside my house so you can see, as of March 13, 2009, just how far I've let myself fall into this pit of my life. Shake your head, be disgusted at the pictures, but as I show you the changes I make, celebrate the victories with me and pray that one day I'll find a way to clean up the mess inside my head as well.

My "dressing" room- yep, clothes EVERYWHERE!

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  1. cute background. You are going to get it clean, I just know it, what a motivational post!


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