Sunday, April 5, 2009

Okay, about two or three weeks ago, I posted a blog about my house, and though I've definitely worked on it since then, my camera and computer have been having a fight so I haven't been able to upload pictures. I finally was able to get ONE picture of my newly cleaned house (okay, newly cleaned living/dining room), and it's not the best one, but I thought you all may have decided I wasn't doing anything to honor my commitment to making a new me. Or at least a clean house! So, here is the ONE picture I could upload... notice the organized movies if you can see that far! I also dusted everything, and eww, yuck, it was disgusting! I need to make sure I start dusting more often. In fact, I probably need to do it again this weekend...

The bathroom is also clean, but the kitchen and two bedrooms are still needing lots of help, though the fridge did get cleaned out. More when I can get my camera and pc to stop arguing! Btw, the computer desk actually was cleaned off, but doesn't look like it in this picture. And, see the Scentsy plugged in by the computer?! Mmmm, smells delish!

Love, Tonya's Mess